About Us

About Us

Established in 2004, Petro-Tec is a privately owned Pakistan-based company. Petro-Tec deals in sales and marketing in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors.

   Market Information and Market Research Services
   Sales & Marketing and Business Development Service
   Tendering & Contract Administration Services
   Sourcing and Supply Chain Management Services
   EPCC & Project Management Services
   Turn-Key Solutions
   Skilled manpower supplier to upstream and downstream companies.

Mission Statement

PETRO-TEC was established with the Mission, “we will develop sustainable business relationships in a trusted environment to help us & our customers win in the market place”. At the embryonic stage, PETRO-TEC remained focused to providing quality products and services from technologically advanced nations to the local market. Thereafter, the Company’s business activities expanded to developing strategic alliances with the manufacturing and service companies – having the technological edge in the oil & gas exploration, drilling, production, processing, transmission & distribution, and refining, etc., and minerals & groundwater exploration and production, in order to satisfy growing needs of the Petroleum and Natural Resources Exploration & Development Industries in Pakistan.

Vision & Objectives

PETRO-TEC has a clear vision for its future.



To be “fit for purpose”, PETRO-TEC will search for innovative solutions and continue to develop and offer a wide range of performance oriented services to its existing Allies/Principals and Customers, and also shall seek more strategic alliances with reliable supply sources of technologies in order to satisfy the industrial development requirements of Pakistan.